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Growing “Wiser” in Your Job Search

11 Jun

I recently attended a local career transition group and I was amazed at the number of smart and talented professionals in the room. The group is run by wonderful retirees who are dedicated to helping people find jobs, and to support them through their career transition. They have come up with a sort of blueprint for job searching in this economy, and based on experience they know what works. Continue reading


It Might Be Time to Reevaluate Your Job Search Strategy

28 May

Still haven’t found your dream job? There is no doubt that the competition for each position is fierce, but when is the last time that you reevaluated your job search strategy? If you aren’t getting the results that you want, it might be time for a different tactic. Continue reading

The Job Search Rollercoaster

8 May

If you have been on an extended job search, you may feel like you have been on a rollercoaster ride that you haven’t been able to get off of. There will be high and lows, twists and turns, and plenty of excitement. Below are some of the twists and turns that you may experience in your job search. Continue reading

Am I Knocking on the Right Door?

28 Apr

Sometimes I wonder, is “the universe” trying to tell me something? Am I supposed to be living somewhere else? Am I supposed to be doing something else? When you keep knocking on the same door without an answer, do you keep knocking on the same door or find a different door to open?

Continue reading

9 Things I Wish I Had Known at the Beginning of My Job Search

26 Apr

After months of job searching, below are some very valuable lessons that I wish I had known from the beginning of my search: Continue reading

What to do When More Doors are Closing than Opening

25 Mar

I have been rejected for more positions that I care to admit to. Sometimes after an interview, but usually without even getting an interview. I have been rejected from positions that I am way overqualified for, positions that seem to be the “perfect fit”, and a whole range of positions in between.If you have nine out of ten of the qualifications for a position, there is likely a candidate who has all ten, plus two more that the company didn’t even know they were looking for.  I have tried staffing agencies, recruiters, and even Craigslist. I often get email rejections months later for positions that I forgot I had even applied for. If you are unemployed and in an extended job search, no doubt you have had similar experiences. It can be difficult to deal with what seems like constant rejection after a while. What should you do when it feels like more doors are closing than opening? Continue reading

Creative and Effective Ways to Use Social Media in Your Job Search

24 Mar

Social media can be an important tool in your job search if used appropriately. I have to admit that I have been a slow adopter to social media. Sure, I’ve been on Facebook for quite a while, and I even had a MySpace page when that was all the rage. But, I didn’t understand the true benefits of Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn,, and others. Now I realize that the best social media sites allow you to make connections, to learn, and to grow.

Social media is about more than just being social. It’s about learning from people in your industry, gaining insight from thought leaders, engaging creatively, and really connecting. It is about more than just how many connections you can make on LinkedIn, how many tweets you send, or how many people have viewed your page. In order to use social media correctly, you must really engage, build your brand, be willing to be vulnerable, and be bold enough to take risks when reaching out to others. Below I share some of what I have learned from using social media, and tips from social media experts. Continue reading

Get Bold in your Job Search

21 Mar

One of the great things about getting farther along in your job search, and reaching the “crossover point” (see previous post on this), is that you get a lot more bold. Maybe you’ll start writing publicly about your experiences with unemployment, or maybe you’ll make some cold calls for informational interviews, or maybe you’ll work your network to make more connections, or maybe you’ll pitch yourself to your dream companies, as my friend is about to do.  Continue reading

Build Your Personal Brand

6 Mar

Sometimes I feel like I have been living under a rock for the past few years. Personal branding? When did this come about? Have you heard of I hadn’t until just recently. Do you twitter, Facebook, do LinkedIn? What about pintrest, instagram, YouTube, and google+? The options can be overwhelming, especially if you are a newbie.

I won’t claim to be an expert on personal branding as I am just learning how to navigate developing one myself. But, what I will offer you is some of the resources and information that I have discovered on personal branding that will hopefully give you some things to consider as you think about your own personal brand.

Personal Branding 101

Dan Schawbel has branded himself as the guru of personal branding. His article on personal branding 101 lays out why you should have a personal brand, what to consider as you are developing it, and how to create and market your brand. Check out this article, Personal Branding 101 and his blog for more information on personal branding.

About.Me and Free Business Cards

I discovered through building this WordPress site. From Wikipedia, here is a descriptions of  is a personal web hosting service. The site offers registers users a simple platform from which to link multiple online identities, relevant external site, and popular social networking websites such as Facebook, Flickr, google+, LinkedIn twitter, tumblr, and YouTube. It is characterized by its one-page user profiles, each with a large, often-artistic background image and abbreviated biography. 

What I like best about the site is that you can view the profiles from people all over the world, and the creativity is really inspiring. I created an profile and linked it to my blog, and my LinkedIn profile. I still have more work to do as far as linking it many of the other social media options. Another great feature of is that you can get free business cards. How many times have you been at a networking event or a coffee meeting and wished that you had a business card to give out? has partnered with to offer the free business cards. Click here for more information.

If you are like me, the hardest part of developing your personal brand may be figuring out the message that you want to get across. You want to stay “open” to lots of different types of opportunities because you feel like that it what you have to do in this job market. But, the most effective message is one that is focused and direct. I still struggle with how to do this, and would love to hear others thoughts on this.

Check out the resources on personal branding and get started today!

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