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5 Mar

I have been fortunate to be able to travel a bit around the world to some pretty incredible places. Traveling energizes me, and I always return feeling refreshed, reflective, and grateful. If you have traveled to any developing countries, you know that the poverty in these countries is far worse than anything you might see in the U.S. We have it pretty good here despite the Great Recession and the struggles we are currently experiencing.

What has stayed in my mind about the spirit of the people I have encountered in developing countries is their resilience, and incredible entrepreneurial spirit. Whether it is selling food on the street, creating home-made crafts, driving a tuk tuk, or hawking candy, they are entrepreneurs and talented salespeople. They make something out of nothing and somehow find a way to get by.

You are an entrepreneur also. You just may not know it yet. You’ve got skills. Use them. What is it that you are passionate about or want to learn more about? Do your friends rave about your cooking or do they always come to you for relationship advice? Do you love creating excel spreadsheets or enjoying writing reviews of your latest dining experience? Maybe you are talented sewer or extreme exerciser. Find your niche.

I would never really describe myself as creative. I wasn’t blessed with being terribly artistic, and I don’t play a musical instrument, or craft. But, what I have learned is that being creative isn’t just about art or music. It is about using your unique talents and passions creatively. Take a look at some of these examples:

Excel Geek

This guy built a business around doing something that non-number crunchers may find less than appealing. He will solve your excel problems, give you access to view problems he’s solved for others, or even tackle your larger excel projects. Check out his blog here.

Escape Adulthood

Kim and Jason built a business around the idea that life doesn’t have to be all stress and busyness, and we can all learn from the pure joy and happiness of kids. They  teach people how to relinquish their “adultitis” and rediscover the spirit of childhood. They write books on “adultitis, do speaking engagements, and sell “cool stuff for the young at heart”. Take a look at their website here.

Get Rich Slowly 

J.D Roth started the site Get Rich Slowly in 2006 to write about his deep debt and because he figured it would be fun to start a blog about money. The blog gained an extensive following and J.D. became a Time Magazine Top 25 blogger. In 2009 J.D. sold the blog for an undisclosed sum, rumored to be more than $1 million dollars. J.D. no longer writes at Get Rich Slowly, and the content is not as good as when he was the full-time writer, but the site is worth a look. Look at the archived posts to find some of J.D. posts. Click here to view the site.

Orbit Fit

My friend Amy, is a mountain-climber, acro yogi, triathalete, runner, skier, and has many other athletic and outdoorsy talents. Needless to say, she is incredibly fit. On top of that she is also very inspirational and a great motivator. She found her niche is starting a boot camp and offering weight loss counseling and support to families. But this wasn’t her first entrepreneurial adventure. She also started a dog-walking business and has renovated homes. She has many talents! Check out the Orbit Fit site here.

You have skills! Find your niche and awaken your inner entrepreneur.

photo credit: jef safi \ ‘pictosophizing via photopin cc

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