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Learn Something Today, Take a Free MOOC

16 Apr

As I have mentioned in previous posts, one of the silver linings of unemployment is that you have been given a tremendous opportunity to take the time to learn new skills. You may decide to enroll in a continuing education certificate program, or maybe you’ll take courses at a technical college, or you maybe you’ll enroll in a graduate program. But, more than likely you are on a limited budget, and getting additional education sometimes comes with hefty price tag. If you are considering an expensive program, do your research and make sure it is worth the cost. Some programs may be worth the investment, but there are also many ways you can increase your skills for free. Continue reading


Geek Out

3 Mar

As I got farther along in my job search, I realized that I had to do some serious self-reflection about the state of my technology skills. As a manager, I didn’t have a need to spend a lot of time learning new technology or increasing my skills. As I took stock of my technology skills, I realized that I had fallen behind. The good news is that there are abundant free or low-cost opportunities to learn new skills or brush-up on your current skills. And, you can do this all from the comfort of your own home and even in your pajamas if you so desire. If you are unemployed, set some time aside from your job search to improve your technology skills. Everyone has room for growth is this area, and keeping your mind engaged and learning does wonders for the spirit. Also consider whether or not a financial investment in your technology skills would give you a boost in the job market.

Consider these options for increasing your skills:


Microsoft has an extensive offering of free tutorials on its website and also paid offerings from Microsoft certified trainers. Brush up on your excel skills, stay current with the latest program upgrades or learn a new program.

Community and Technical Colleges

I learned WordPress through a local community college online program. The cost was reasonable and the instruction was excellent. The are extensive online course offerings through community and technical colleges. Many of the courses are low-cost, but some of the in-demand technology courses can get a bit pricey. But, depending the technology that you are learning, the investment could pay off in your job search or career transition. If you are looking at course that is more of an investment, talk to people who have taken the course. Get opinions from the field about what technology skills are in demand.

YouTube Tutorials

This is a great option for learning for free. YouTube has an extensive amount of free tutorials on excel, word, PowerPoint, visio, and project. You can also learn about WordPress, sql database, access, or html programming. The possibilities are really endless.

Community Education

Depending on where you live, you may be able to take advantage of low-cost community education classes. The Twin Cities offers great options is this area and something I appreciate even more since living out-of-state. Check your local community education courses to find out what is being offered in your area.

The Local Library

Libraries are a great resource for free courses. If you prefer learning in person with the assistance of an instructor, this may be a good option for you.    Check your local library to find out what courses are offered.

Upgrade your technology skills today! You’ll have a new skill to add to your resume and something to talk about during that next interview.

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