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I Love Blogging (and you might too)

7 Mar

I have talked for a couple of years about starting a personal finance blog. I am kind of  a nerd in that I love reading about all things personal finance related, and I thought it would be fun to write about too. I even bought a book about blogging a couple of years ago, but I never got around to actually starting the blog. And this didn’t seem like the right time to be writing about personal finance.

But, it did seem like the right time to be writing about unemployment and trying to create something out of nothing. I was moved to start this blog mainly as a way to connect with, and try to help others who are dealing with the same thing. There are a lot of really smart and talented people who are struggling right now. I took a look last night at some (and there are a many) of the blogs about unemployment that are hosted on WordPress right now. What I thought about when I was reading all of the stories was the possibilities of what could be accomplished if all of that brainpower was somehow brought together. We could be doing amazing things!

Along those lines, there is a LinkedIn group out of Seattle who is trying to do just that. They are hosting a “Make Your Own Opportunities Conference” (MOOOCON) later this month. The original idea of the conference was to collaborate creatively to get unemployed people back to work. The concept has evolved to include all professionals who “enjoy working on business challenges in a creative manner”. I can’t wait to read about what great ideas come out of the conference.My hope is that this blog might bring people together in a similar way to share innovative ideas, success stories, and support for people who are sharing common life experiences.

In the short time that I have been doing the blog, I have also realized that there are many  other benefits to doing a blog. Whether you are writing about your passion for coffee, wine, travel, or the unusual passion of combining Tom Selleck, waterfalls, and sandwiches in blog posts, which results in the blog Selleck Waterfall Sandwhich, blogging has benefits. So, whatever your passion is, considering writing about it. I love blogging, and you might too. In addition to just enjoying writing a blog, you’ll get some other benefits out of it also, like the following:

Learn New Skills

I love learning and in the short time that I have been doing this blog, I have learned so much already. I have learned how to use WordPress, and set up site tracking. I am learning about search-engine optimization (SEO), and researching how to market my blog through social media. I figured out how to set up a forum on ProBoards, and I am also learning about design elements.

Connect with People

So far my blog has been viewed by people in 7 countries! How cool is that? WordPress tells me not to get too excited about that, as it’s the returning visitors that matter. But, as a lover of travel and experiencing different cultures, I think it is so cool that people in other countries have seen my blog!

Find your Calling 

Maybe in your previous job, you weren’t passionate about the work that you were doing. If you were laid off, in some ways that may have been a blessing to take your career in a different direction. Writing is a process of  self-discovery and writing may lead you down a different (and better) path in your career. If you are really writing about what you’re passionate about, you’ll know because it will energize you, and seem relatively effortless.

Get Noticed

In the short time that I have been blogging, I have noticed that the number of people looking at my LinkedIn profile has increased quite noticeably. Start a blog about your industry and use it to direct people to your LinkedIn profile. Show the employers in your field that you are current with the latest industry trends by writing about them. You’ll also be showcasing your writing skills, and showing that you are taking the initiative to keep your knowledge and skills current.

It’s Therapeutic 

When you are unemployed, or underemployed as the case may be, no doubt you have some tough days. Blogging is a great way to get out what you are going through and feel more productive. If you don’t want to make your story public, you can keep your blog private or share it with your close friends. Also, if you are like me, you get more done when you are busy. Blogging can give you something else to focus on, and in turn make you more productive in other areas.

It’s Easy

One of the things that held me back from starting the personal finance blog was that I thought it would be really difficult and cumbersome to set up. But, starting a blog is actually really easy. WordPress is surprisingly easy to navigate and it’s free to set up a blog. Actually getting people to read the blog may be more of a challenge, but it is easy for anyone to start blogging.

Are you inspired to start a blog? Maybe you’ll start the next hung over owls blog, or maybe you’ll love writing about charts. Whatever your passion is, consider writing about it.

**Update** If you are thinking about starting a blog, check out Mr.Money Mustache’s post on how to start a blog. He is a successful personal finance blogger, and one of my favorites to follow. Or, you can check out Adam Baker’s post on how Not to suck at blogging.

photo credit: Kristina B via photopin cc

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