Creative and Effective Ways to Use Social Media in Your Job Search

24 Mar

Social media can be an important tool in your job search if used appropriately. I have to admit that I have been a slow adopter to social media. Sure, I’ve been on Facebook for quite a while, and I even had a MySpace page when that was all the rage. But, I didn’t understand the true benefits of Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn,, and others. Now I realize that the best social media sites allow you to make connections, to learn, and to grow.

Social media is about more than just being social. It’s about learning from people in your industry, gaining insight from thought leaders, engaging creatively, and really connecting. It is about more than just how many connections you can make on LinkedIn, how many tweets you send, or how many people have viewed your page. In order to use social media correctly, you must really engage, build your brand, be willing to be vulnerable, and be bold enough to take risks when reaching out to others. Below I share some of what I have learned from using social media, and tips from social media experts.


I started a twitter account in an attempt to get more traffic to my blog. Being a newbie to twitter, I had no idea how valuable it could be in a job search, learning from others about how to grow a business, keeping up to date on the latest technology news, or following updates on companies that you are interested in. Twitter alone may not land you a job, but it is a valuable resource. Plus, it shows employers that you are social media savvy. For more tips on how to use Twitter in your job search, check out this article on mashable, How to Effectively use Twitter as a Job Search Resource, or from Brazen Careerist, the 4 proactive ways job seekers should use Twitter.


LinkedIn is probably the most obvious social medial platform that job seekers use, but using LinkedIn effectively requires more that just repeating what is on your resume. LinkedIn has advanced features that allow you to share your blog posts, pull in your twitter feed, display presentations or create a portfolio.  Read these tips from Life Hacker on How to use LinkedIn to Increase your Hirability. The real value of LinkedIn is not just about attempting to get employers to find you, but about making connections through LinkedIn groups, or using your connections to get introduced to hiring managers or people who would be valuable for an informational interview. From Career Enlightenment, view these LinkedIn Inmail templates, for tips on how to send an inmail to land informational interviews, connect with hiring managers, or get introduced to a new contact in your field.


I have to admit that when I think of Pinterest, I think of photos of baked goods, creative jewelery, or photos of dream travel destinations. But, Pinterest is so much more than that. I have recently began exploring Pinterest, and I am still learning about how best to utilize it, but it can be another tool in your job search. You could use Pinterest to create a resume pinboard, follow career experts, or maybe it will serve as a needed reminder during your job search of what inspires you. Read more from Mashable about how to use Pinterest in your job search.

Google Plus

Google plus has been growing at a staggering rate, and is now one of the top social media sites. Some people have strong feelings, either positive or negative, about Google Plus, and only time will tell what role it will play in the overall social media empire. But, like the other social media sites, this is another tool in your “job search toolbox”. For tips on how to use Google Plus in your job search, read 10 Tips to Use Google Plus in Your Job Search from the Undercover Recruiter.


I mentioned in a previous post on personal branding. The site allows users to create a personal profile, which I liken to a virtual business card that contains more valuable information. You can link all of your social media sites, blogs, and websites to your profile. Use your about. me profile in your email signature or use the free business card offer on the site. Your profile gives you an opportunity to share a little bit more of your personality with potential employers.

Overwhelmed with all of the social media options? Social media can be a powerful tool in your job search if you know how to use it effectively. Spend some time becoming familiar with these sites, and learning about how to best utilize social media. If you are already an avid user of social media in your job search, what tips do you have to share with others?


2 Responses to “Creative and Effective Ways to Use Social Media in Your Job Search”

  1. Julian Robles March 30, 2013 at 6:20 pm #

    Hello Lisa,
    I hope your job search is going well. I am an old acquaintance of yours… from your days at GaDOE. I stumbled upon your blog by pure accident. I just wanted to commend you on your excellent writing skills. Here is a blog I used to follow while I was job searching not so long ago: I think you will find many blog posts to like on there. Maintain your positive outlook about the future. Nothing on this earth is permanent, sooner or later everything comes to an end. I will be cheering you up from afar!

    • Lisa M. March 31, 2013 at 9:42 pm #


      Thanks for your comment and the compliment on my writing. I appreciate it! Also, thanks for the link to the blog. I always appreciate getting job search tips, especially from someone who has been through it. Thanks you!

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