5 Must-Read Inspirational Blogs

22 Mar

If you are unemployed, or underemployed, I am sure that you have spent a lot of time reading blogs with tips such as how to write the best resume, how to make the most out of networking, or how to follow-up on job leads. There are many blogs dedicated to providing this type of advice which is all worthwhile, but sometimes you just need a little inspiration. With that in mind, and in the spirit of March Madness and cinderalla stories, I bring you 5 inspirational blogs that you must-read.

1. Late Blooming Entrepreneurs I just recently discovered this blog, and I love the inspirational stories of people who are starting businesses later in my life. My favorite story is about and 89-yo grandmother who turned decorating her cane into a business, and turned to kickstarter to help with funding.

2. Daily Good This refreshing blog provides positive and uplifting new stories, which is a nice antidote to the mainstream news which can often be filled with negative stores. In addition to the inspirational stories, what is super cool about the site is that it is run by volunteers and does not include any advertising.

3. Life Without Pants This blog is focused on entrepreneurship, personal growth, social media, and personal branding. The philosophy behind the blog is that life, both personal, and professional should be lived without restrictions.  I especially like the post on how it is never to later to  start over.

4. Zen Habits I have been a fan of Zen Habits for quite a while. If you need a daily dose of inspiration, Zen Habits is a great daily habit to get into. The writing is simple and elegant, and always inspirational. 

5. The Art of Non-Conformity I have been a fan of this Chris Gullibreau for some time. The premise of the blog is chronicling his writing on how to change the world through achieving small, personal goals in life, work, and travel. Chris has traveled to 192 countries, and he started the World Domination Summit

Be inspired! What do you read for inspiration?


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